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Lisa Mosbey Director of Digital Marketing

Lisa Mosbey is a digital marketing strategist at CanaQuest Medical Corp, where she utilizes her extensive experience to develop successful digital marketing strategies. Lisa understands the value of crafting compelling content and building strong relationships with customers to create brand loyalty.

She is a digital marketing specialist with vast experience in designing and executing marketing plans that incorporate targeted lead generation and organic, social media tactics. From content creation to email marketing, Lisa is skilled at onboarding our sales team, content creation, improving the online presence, and building out our email marketing, follow-up systems.  She is advising The CanaQuest Team on attracting, engaging, and converting leads into loyal customers.

Lisa has more than 20 years of digital innovation and creativity, her ability to plan, implement, and track digital marketing strategies makes her an asset to the company.  Outside the office, Lisa enjoys golf, traveling, hiking, and trying vegetarian foods from around the world. You can find her on LinkedIn or Twitter, where she shares her insights on digital marketing trends and strategies.

Gregg Hunter Director of Sales

An innovative senior-level business development and organizational leader with over 25 years of experience in achieving operational success; pioneering and executing market growth and expansion strategies across the cannabis and natural products sectors. Possesses a progressive aptitude for business process mapping, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and product research and development. A dedicated professional with a passion for building and nurturing teams.